Beers Available In Different Names- Manufactured In Diverse Ways

When we think of alcoholic drinks, the first name that comes to our mind is beer. While you are having chat with your pals or watching a game, a beer bottle is perhaps is your best companion. Generally, this drink is manufactured by fermenting some natural items, like rice, corn and barley. Since the ancient Egyptian period, beer had been known to people. In due course, various kinds of beer have been introduced at the present age. You’ve perhaps tasted just a few of these types. However, there are many other common and rare varieties that you may like to experience.

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Ale beer

Yeast is applied for the production of ale and it gets settled at surface part of your liquid. Ale is one of the antique beer varieties. The fermentation of ale occurs at a comparatively higher temperature level for a very short time period. You can get a tough of spice and fruits in ales. This drink is quite darker in colours, such as, rosy amber and golden tint.

The alcohol proportion is much higher in compared to the other common varieties. Moreover, this bitter in taste than some other beers, and it is produced by using hops.


The word- lager has been derived from lagern – a German term that denotes- to stock up or store. In fact, it signifies that the product is stored for a long period in a very low temperature level. Its finish is quite crisp with a much refreshing look. Besides, lager is found to be highly popular drink, available in many stores. Its taste may be bitter or sweet, and the colour can also be dark or pale. However, most of them are have medium level of tint. The carbonation percent is also high in lager.

Again, bock- a beer variety is, in fact, a form of lager, manufactured with the use of malt. And its tang is relatively sweeter than any common kind of beer. This has also quite darker look than some other beers. Stout is another bitter beer type, produced with a blend of barley.

Specialty beers

You can also find hybrid beer, besides the above two types. With the term- hybrid, you may understand that it is a blend of two kinds of beer. For example, lager and ale may be combined to produce the beer. This hybrid drink is made by using yeast and by fermenting under cool temperature.

Another beer variety that gives you lots of options is a specialty drink. It is one of the unofficial beer styles that may include extensive brewing ranges. In these specialty drinks, different fresh flavours are added. However, some of them are manufactured by fermenting some rare foods. No specific rule is maintained for the preparation of these beers.

These are some beer types, and you may plan to get taste of any of them with online beer delivery. Each of these beers can give an exceptional experience to all the drinkers.

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